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We build software to highlight and record important information and make it accesible everywhere. Touchscreens. School Websites. Smartphones. Laptops.


  • Works on all devices Touchscreens, Smartphones, Laptops, etc.
  • Unlimited Customization and Features
  • Unlimited Customer Support
  • Unlimited Inductees
  • URL Link Access
  • Unlimited Award Categories Athletics, Academics, Donors, Arts, Player of The Week, College Athletes, Distinguished Alumni, School Records, etc.
  • Unlimited Photo and Video Uploads
  • Easy to Use Content Management System Real-time Updates
  • Access Content Management System From Any Device
  • Social Media T witter, Instagram, Facebook, YouTube, etc.
  • Calendar Support
  • Easy Addition to School Websites
  • Digital Trophy Case
  • School Donation Platform Integration Coming Soon
  • In-website Apple Pay, Venmo, Paypal Support for Donations Coming Soon
  • Voice Search Coming Soon
  • Yearbooks, Team Records Coming Soon
  • Digital Trophy Case
  • Want A Feature We Don't Have? We Will Build It For Free.


Let us answer all of your questions. We will share our screen with you and demo our software and content management. We will discuss all of your needs and develop next steps.

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Digital Interactive Trophy Cases | Kiosk Software

How Can Our Interactive Informational Display Be Used?

Touch Screen Hall of Fame

Honor your most notable athletic alumni through our Hall of Fame software. Easily add to your schools website and display on a touchscreen. Email the website out to alumni and increase donations.

Graduation Awards & Speeches

Create an online historical record of every graduation award given to students each year. Featuring photos, videos, audio, and descriptions. Sorted by categories and searchable by name, grad year, award, etc.

Digital Athletic Awards

Highlight and record every award & honor that athletes receive. No award is to small to add to this unlimited awards archive.

Virtual Touchscreen Strength Record Boards

Digitize all records set in your S&C program. Highlight the record setting moment with a video, photo, and description. Display school, league, and state records. Sort by movement, team, position, etc.

Digital Interactive Donor Walls

Thank the donors that make everything possible. Display on a touch screen, on your website, or email to the community.

Digital Hall of Fame F.A.Q

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Is hardware included?

    No. Customers are responsible for purchasing and installing the hardware themselves. This includes a touchscreen, computer to power the touch screen, and a wall mount.

    We have partnered with Eleven Fifty Seven to provide a “Plug and Play” hardware package. We recommend using their services to streamline the installation process. However, as our platform is accessible on any device connected to the internet, it will work on any and all hardware configurations. All you have to do is put the browser in full-screen mode after navigating to the URL we provide.

    An extremely easy way to test our site is to open it on an iPad.
    Click Here To Open A Sample Site.

  • No, our yearly subscription includes everything. We will never limit your software. We want every customer to have our most up to date software, and be displaying the best representation of our company at all times.

  • No! We offer unlimited storage for media and content. This includes images, videos, descriptions, and any other available content.

  • Our software is accessible on any internet connected device. It can be displayed on smartphones, tablets, laptops, and large touch screen televisions. Additionally, it can be displayed on any of your institution’s existing websites.

  • The client is responsible for uploading content after the initial content upload. We have built an easy-to-use content management system that allows schools to easily manage all of their information. Even our 90 year old “grandmother advisor” can figure it out without any instructions.

  • We allow an unlimited number of administrators from your institution to access the content management system. All administrator accounts are password protected.

  • Yes, our web platform can be displayed across multiple screens at once at no extra charge. Each unique website (displaying different information) costs extra.

  • Institutions themselves are responsible for purchasing and installing the touchscreen display. We have partnered with Eleven Fifty Seven to provide a “Plug and Play” hardware package. We recommend using their services to streamline the installation process.

  • Yes, please contact us about purchasing multiple platforms.

  • Feel free to reach out to Sales@RocketAlumniSolutions.com to speak with a team member or schedule a call.

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